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Owing to its good abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, recovery and color and luster, Nylon 6 filament, extremely popular in the market, is used for socks, cotton socks, elastic knitting coat, light-weight seamless underwear, swimsuit, sportswear, strong and handsome suits, denim, suit lining etc. After finishing the coating processing, it works as dust coat, jacket, uniforms, sportswear, snow pants, umbrella surface silk, curtain, the sofa fabric, the adornment etc;It can even mix the false with the genuine when used in the manufacture of emulation silk fabrics; it is also the good-quality raw materials applied in feather fabrics, cushion, carpet and bags with Oxford cloth .
Production of civil nylon filament can be divided into ordinary filament 、differentiation, and functional filament according to its performance. From its product structure, functional、differentiation nylon filament rate approaches 60%, specific categories include:



Properties and Uses

Low denier fiber

Nylon filament whose fiber density is not more than 15dtex

Ultra low denier fiber, bending rigidity is small, so the product has soft feel, fabric is gentle, breathable, with luxuriant burnish, fine drapability and bright colors. Mainly used for high-grade swimsuit, coats, golf clothing, imitation velvet socks, light thin wool fabrics etc

Ultra bright fiber

Choose great light slice as raw material, Spinning owns "Y" shape section of fiber

Equipped with light drafting silk smooth appearance, shining luster, high brightness, Maintain stretch yarn’s unique unbalanced elasticity and certain leavening; Widely applied in the warp knitting jacquard kind of fabric, trademark, embroidering line and some flashing textile products.

Super crude fiber

Nylon filament whose fiber density is not less than 333dtex

Has good elasticity, high fill power, tight hold, easy back around etc. Widely used in the circle of warp knitting machine, jacquard machine, jet hydraulic looms on the high-grade fabric weaving.


doughnut fiber

Made through various physical and chemical technology; Has continuous cavity inside

Has big area/volume ratio, can accommodate a lot of air, greatly increases warmth retention property of every unit of product; Can be used in winter coat, climbing clothes, down jacket and winter sports; At the same time it raises and keeps elastic lastingly, so it can be used in artificial fur and plush toy, plush decorations and plush knitted fabrics, blankets and other brushed fabric.

Porous superfine fiber

Usually refers to nylon filament whose filament number is from


Has the very high two-way elasticity, light, soft smooth, good air permeability, mild color, apparently meticulous, fine drapability, And has a constrictive fixed size effect, used in women's underwear, tights, and all kinds of sports aspects widely.


Flat special fiber



Cross-section shape appears "one" glyph

Has good flashing, resisting pilling property,  fine feeling and elasticity to present a unique style and excellent performance; Close to natural fiber, widely used in high-grade knitted fabric and woven fabric such as wool-like, imitation linen high fashion, senior blankets, plush toys etc

dull fiber

The content of Titanium dioxide and other inorganic particle  is not less than 1.5%

Has soft gloss, easily hyper chromatic, fabric’s good drapability and other good using properties; Owns its anti perspective,  strong camouflage property, absorption and reflectivity to ultraviolet ; Widely applied in a swimsuit, and high-end lingerie, knitting garment, strong and handsome outfit and leisure clothing etc.



Through the process of cross-section special-shaped, its surface can produce imperceptible groove with hair silk effect

Has good absorbency, permeability, feel soft and elasticity, thus it can be widely applied in underwear, shirt, sportswear and other textile clothing.


Deodorant fiber



Contains active silver ions inside which have antibacterial function

Has lasting, broad-spectrum, efficient antibacterial, deodorant function, meanwhile also owns strong hygroscopicity of nylon 6 fiber, silk touch, the elasticres ilience and good abrasion resistance and so on; Can be widely used in lingerie, sportswear, shirts and bathing suit, socks and fabric directly contacting with the skin


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