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Fighting Against the Wind and Rain, Guarding the Warehouse

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(News from this station: by Wang Xiqiao)—an unexpected sudden rainstorm broke the tranquility in the whole factory area of Huading.
At around 10:30AM on June 10th 2006, the sky that was clear a moment ago changed in a sudden, and a storm rarely seen in Yiwu came. In less than two minutes, the sky above the entire factory area was filled with dust, and because the wind was too strong, a few transparent steel watts on the roof of the 20,000 square meters of warehouse for finished products were broken by strong wind, with two blocks blew away. There were several holes of more than 10 square meters on the roof. The situation was very critical!
 The related staff immediately reported it to the company leaders. Though the wind was still blowing harder, at this critical time, the company administrative vice president Gao Hong was the first in the storm and organized the emergent rescue. Ding Ermin, executive vice president of the group and also the general manager of the company, immediately came to the scene and conducted an orderly on-site command.
At 10:35 AM, leaders of the company launched a decisive red-class Security Contingency Plan, and made a careful deployment to the scene rescue. Meanwhile, rescue workers, rescue auxiliary equipments were ready in place. All actions were conducted under the principle of overall plan and rational division of labors. The financial manager allocated some staff to cover the goods in the warehouse with canvas and move the goods under the broken roof to safe place. Led by the leaders of the company, the workshop staff together with some administrative staff directly climbed up to the roof through temporary emergency staircases to have emergent repair. Then in a short time, they fixed several steel tile plate blew off by strong wind, and assigned special teams to lift and deliver rain cloth, steel plate and other protective items and to cover and fix the roof.
Time passed second by second, the wind was still mercilessly blowing, the rain was also becoming heavier and heavier. Rain and sweat saturated everyone's clothes, but all the staff knew that the safety of the goods in the warehouse depended on everybody’s the high degree of awareness and fighting against time on the scene. Withstanding the strong winds, heavy rain and lightning, on the roof of the warehouse, all these lovely staff united into one to fight against the dangerous situations. After had finished the safe and reasonable transfer of the goods in the warehouse, Ding Ermin, the Executive Vice President of the Group and also the general manager of the company, climbed up to the roof and worked shoulder by shoulder with the cadres and staff against the storm.
The entire rescue action lasted for almost two hours, more than 80 persons were involved in rescue including the leaders and staff in department of production and administration, workshop, logistics. Through all the staff’s hard work, the assets of the company were fully guaranteed in safe and all goods in the warehouse were not impaired. This is a battle without smoke, also a battle to test Huading people under unforeseen events. Led and commanded by Ding Ermin, the executive vice president of the Group and also the general manager of the company, Huading people defeated the attacks from sudden natural disaster and withstood the test in the storm!
 Upon the successful conclusion of the rescue action, the storm gradually stopped, when we carried the boiling ginger soup already prepared by logistics staff, we as if saw the rainbows after the rain that bring people hope warm people’s hearts!

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