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Huading Company Made Significant Progress in the Research of Nylon 6 Antibacterial Fiber
News from this Press (by Xie Jiangfeng): There is good news from Huading Company: through the tireless efforts of researchers, nylon 6 antibacterial fiber had finished its test production samples, which showed the research and development of the project achieved major breakthrough.
The company fully recognizes the tremendous effect from scientific and technological innovation, has always insisted the market-oriented direction, has actively introduced and digested advanced craft technology, and has continuously increased efforts in research. In August 2005, the research and development center cooperated with one of Shanghai Science and Technology Development companies, organized a research and development group of antibacterial fiber, and began the research of nylon 6 antibacterial fiber. Currently, the research and development center focuses its efforts on analyzing the performance of nylon 6 antibacterial fiber, its processing conditions, and the improvement of its formula. According to the progress of the project, in the second half of this year, the volume production of nylon 6 antibacterial fiber is expected to be achieved, and 500 tons of nylon 6 antibacterial fibers are expected to be produced, with an output value 19.23 million Yuan. This serial of products will become the ‘new comer’ that can not be underestimated among nylon products.
Nylon 6 antibacterial fiber has the lasting, efficient and broad antibacterial effects, with a antibacterial rate ≥ 99.9%. It is safe and non-toxic to human body and has broad market prospects.

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