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Festival of Contest, to Create Brilliance

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The 2006 Annual Contest of Staff Skills Had Drown A Successful Conclusion.

(News from this station: by Wang Xiqiao): Smelling the fragrance of harvest, accompanied by the joy from success, the Annual Contest of Staff Skills in Huading Company had come to a successful close once again. According to statistics, from development of competition program, staff selection, training exercises to official competition, the contest of staff skills of this year had lasted for nearly two months, with 218 staff in 15 posts involved in the contest. Through layers of selection, a total of 28 operation experts come to the fore. Throughout the contest, which not only contained the hope from the general manager Ding Ermin but also showed the spirit of Huading people, the learning enthusiasm of the staff was further stimulated and the overall operation skills were improved.
High Standards and Strict Evaluation Produced Good Results.If the high enthusiasm of the staff and the wide range of the skill contest were the important reasons for the contest, then the key factors for the successful contest were the high standards, high requirement and strict evaluation.
 Recalling the staff skills contest in 2005, basic knowledge of the employees was  weak, and the operational skills of the staff had big differences. After a year, through hard practice, the staff conscientiously summed up experiences, accumulated knowledge from work. In the contest, they competed technology and energy; in management, adopted high standards and high demands. When in the skill contest, placed a strict control. In the same time, the company established a special skill contest group, and developed strict standards for the contest from the ways of production, consumption, quality, security, standardization, speed.  Referee groups were set up to make on-site judgment. The whole contest showed the unity, the actual ability and good results of the staff.Enthusiasm and the Battlefield Contest field is not a battlefield, but it is more than a battlefield. The writer of this report, as one of the referee of the contest, deeply appreciated the solemn and dignity of the contest. Upon the theory examination, on the blackboard, there showed ‘Be serious and strict in the exam’. Have a look at the serious attitude of the contestees answering the papers, it was somehow like the students in the college entrance examination. At the operational competitions, the referees examined seriously and the players were fighting against time. The atmosphere remained, our players were even sweating all over, but their enthusiasm could not be unabated! They were fighting against time, competing speed, and improving skills. And they achieved continuous improvement and progress in the contest!
Combining Theories with Practice In this contest of skills, also highlighted a notable feature: the theory examination combined with operational assessments, skill contests combined with speech competitions. Due to the industry characteristics of Huading Company, the daily management requires professional skills and the stronger unity, this requires the overall skill level of all employees must be good, theoretical knowledge must be solid and the operational skills must be proficient, so that products’ grade and market competitiveness could be guaranteed. Therefore, in this skill contest, the company combined the theoretic exam with operational evaluation. Meanwhile, in order to consolidate the results from the skill contest and continue the spirit in the skill contest, the company also organized a spectacular speech competition among the staff, in which the players expressed their feelings from the contest from different perspective, and fully displayed the spirit and look of Huading people.Brilliant Interpretation of the Spirit of Staff
In accordance with the established program, the speech competition of ’I see the spirit of the staff’ was held on time. In the face of the ten-person referee group composed of company leaders, editor of Sanding Daily, writing experts, the competitors were calm and they made wonderful interpretation of the staff spirit. Nineteen competitors all had their special understanding of ‘staff spirit’, which were also the best wishes for Huading’s future...A Inspiring Commendation Conference.
With countless expectations, the commendation conference for 2006 contest of staff skills of Huading Company was finally held on October 10th, the whole venue of the conference was organized in order, with all seats occupied. According to the procedures, administrative vice president, production vice president, and staff representatives respectively made their concluding remarks, in a grand symphony, the new skill experts were known to all among cheers...This is a commendation conference to conclude the contest, also a more inspiring exchange conference. In the meeting, the general manager fully affirmed the achievements obtained from the contest and expressed his fervent hope to all staff. The staff representatives were also passionate to appeal: We will, as always, work hard.  To do better from the trivial things, improve skills, guarantee quality, and try every effort to create greater glories in Huading! As a Chinese old saying that: Spirit never loses its youth. Yes, this year’s contest of skills had come to an end, but the spirit of the contest will never end! Just like what the host of speech competition summarized: In fact, the speech titles of the 19 speakers are the best the interpretation of ‘spirit of the staff’ and the contest ----To weave a dream,  We are here to interpret the staff spirit, and we are talking about the sense of quality.  We cheer for the contest and struggle for Huading. We show the spirit of teamwork, we also correct attitude, work hard and look for ways to success. We know that: only if we love our positions and show responsibility and loyalty, we can be perfect and create more value. Because failure is the starting point for success, because the quality is in our hands! Ordinary heroes, you are good examples! A big ship can be driven by a large crowd of people. Let’s work harder to improve ourselves and to achieve further, We make progress together with the company, obtain achievements with our sweat!

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