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2010.7.7, the company’s two science and technology projects obtained the national project approval.

2010.6.26, the company’s full dull nylon 6 fiber won the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award.

2010.6.20, the company obtained 2009 annual "industrial enterprise top 50"in YiWu, and general manager gained "industrial economy advanced character" medal.

2010.5.18, the company’s "litop ten employees” went to Xiamen for tourism.

2010.5.5, Zhejiang famous-brand products were re-examinated.

2010.4.15, Special flat fiber nylon 6 won the third prize of the technological progress of YiWu city.

2010.4.7,it obtained national patent license of two inventions.

2010.3.15, the company got "a hygroscopic polyamide 6 fiber and making method" invention patent license.

2010.3.9, the company was awarded “Talent development advanced unit in 2009".

2010.3.3, the vice chairman of DRC, LiuShiJin and his party came to inspect.

2010.1.12, Zhejiang provincial party committee member, standing vice governor ChenMinEr visited the company to investigate and survey.

2009.12.5, HuaDing completed national Torch Program "bright shaped filament nylon 6" acceptance.

2009.11.12, HuaDing successfully held the " Fire-fighting skills grand meeting " activity.

2009.11.12, HuaDing’s “Many different soft knitting with nylon key technology research and product development”was listed as project which would be in consultation with in the city hall in Zhejiang province.

2009.11.8, " HuaDing " trademark was recognized for Zhejiang famous label.

2010.10.15, HuaDing Company’s “Special flat fiber nylon 6”won “Yiwu progress prize in science and technology ".

2010.10.10, HuaDing Company was named "non-public enterprises in Jinhua City, the new rural construction of advanced technology support units".

2009.9.27, YiWu municipal party secretary HuangZhiPing and his party came to survy and investigate.

2009.8.25, HuaDing Company smoothly passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system and occupational health and safety management system certification audits again.

2009.8.18, HuaDing’s Nylon research and development team was named "Outstanding Innovation Team of Yiwu" (The government incentived 50 million).

2009.7.12, National textile industry standard “The nylon 6 HOY"was drafted and accepted (HuaDing is the first draft units).

2009.5.21, HuaDing was named “enterprise with the most social responsibility “in Yiwu.

2009.4.16, HuaDing held the commencement ceremony of differential nylon filament project.

2009.3.10, HuaDing was recognized as "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise".

2009.1.29, CCTV news broadcast the headline “HuaDing works overtime during Spring Festival “news.

2009.1.20, YiWu municipal party secretary and leaders of Municipal government, National People's Congress, federation of trade unionsr celebrated the Spring Festival and ate the eve dinner togethe with HuaDing’s employees.

2008,it obtained respectively: High-tech enterprise of National Torch Key, progress prize in science and technology of Zhejiang, progress prize in science and technology of YiWu, comprehensive strength e of enterprise development award, the invention patent of"The full dull nylon 6 fiber and making method ?±, Standardization AAA system authentication, Measurement system authentication, Ecological textile system authentication, famous trademark in Jinhua city and so on.

2008.12, HuaDing won the annual Zhejiang agricultural bank "AAA" unit title.

2008.10.10, the company’s annual forty thousand tons of differential nylon filament project passed industrial projects judges’ review of YiWu.

2008.6.18, Zhang Yanling, deputy governor of Bank of China Head and his party came to survey and investigate.

2008.5.18, the company organizated a donation for people affected by Wenchuan earthquake

2008.5, it ranked the annual industrial enterprises "top 50"in Yiwu city.

2008.4.28, HuaDing nylon Co., LTD completed its share reform.

2008.4.17, the company held a "hard skills, physical fitness" seminar.

2007,it obtained respectively: Zhejiang provincial high-tech enterprise, provincial famous-brand products, Zhejiang enterprise technology center, Zhejiang cleaner production unit, Zhejiang’s outstanding new products, excellent technical transformation project in Jinhua, industrialization of technology award in Yiwu city, science and technology progress prize in Yiwu city, Labor and Social Security credit A-level unit, talent introduction develop advanced unit and so on.

2007.5, Zhejiang Provincial Party School and his party came to visit the company.

2006.11, HuaDing was identified as "the first batch of high-tech enterprise of YiWu city".

2006.9, HuaDing‘s "Polyamide 6HV" project was listed as "national torch plan" project.

2006.4.10, the head office executive director, vice governor of ICBC ZhangFuRong and his party came to inspect.

2005.12.18,HuaDing.presided over the national polyamide enterprise symposium.

2005.10.13, the vice-president of the national association of industry and commerce ChengLu visited HuaDing.

2005.9, Yiwu safety supervision bureau awarded HuaDing "safe production standard enterprise" title.

2005.6.9, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, JinDeShui,visited the company to supervise the Work.

2005.5.18, Zhejiang Provincial Party leaders to came to visit the company.

2005.4, company’s own 44dtex 6HOY filament and 78dtex nylon 6DTY won the science and technology achievement prize awarded by science and technology bureau of Jinhua City.

2005.1.7, ACFTU Vice Chairman Zhang Junjiu came to visit HuaDing.

2004.10, the company's phase project was put into production.

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