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Safety is the First Thing Among All the Work

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He Meihua, the Vice Chairman of Jinhua CPPCC, Deputy Governor and Mayor of Yiwu City paid a visit to Huading Company.
 News from this Press ( by Zhong Yongzheng) on July 26th in the morning, He Meihua, the Vice Chairman of Jinhua CPPCC, Deputy Secretary and Acting Mayor of Yiwu city, led a group of leaders from the city department of security supervisory, public security, and fire department to Huading Company to investigate the work of safety in production. Ding Zhimin, the Chairman and CEO of the Holding Group, and Ding Ermin, the Executive Vice President, warmly made a warm reception to the leaders and accompanied them to visit all the workshops in Huading Company.
Mayor He made important instructions on the safety in enterprises. He pointed out that the all levels in Yiwu should further unify their ideological cognition, strengthen the work of safety in production, overcome the mental errors, and include the work of safety in the agenda; All levels should further improve production safety work, with responsibility implemented, staff arranged, and measures implemented. In particular, special actions of investigation and management should be implemented in major industries and important fields.
At the welcome ceremony, Ding Zhimin, the Chairman and CEO of the Holding Group, expressed his welcomes and thanks to mayor and other leaders for their visit to the company at first. Then he represented the board of directors of the Group to report business information of the company and he also focused on the report of the work of safety in production. He maintained that: Safety in production is the first thing among all the work, the first is safety, the second is also safety, the third is still safety. The company always maintains and implements the guidance idea of ‘Safety First and Prevention First’, sets up improves the third level safety education network, strengthens comprehensive management, protects the safety of the staff and the safety of company’s property, strengthens achievement from safety organization system; promotes the development investment in safety hardware and fire facilities, strengthen the education and assessment from the construction of institutions to ensure the stability of the enterprise and long-term development. After had listened to the report on the work of safety in production and had paid the on-site visit, Mayor He and other leaders gave a high evaluation to the work of production safety in Huading Company.


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